Blackburn Skua artwork – video

During the Second World War, many pilots flew under bridges to test their skill or alleviate the boredom of routine, second-line flying. One of these was Derrick Edwards, a Fleet Air Arm pilot who flew under both Menai bridges across the strait between Wales and Anglesey.

Derrick Edwards flying his Skua under the Menai Bridge and the Britannia Bridge

“There was about a foot either side of the prop on top and bottom going under the road bridge, which is a lot lower than the rail bridge,” he told me. His task was made no easier by the lumbering Blackburn Skua in which he attempted the feat:

“We were warned when we took off, with the mountains to starboard, that if it did more than about 45° bank it would spin in. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I have to say though I didn’t have any problems or accidents. It was what I describe as an old warhorse that had seen its day, and the examples we had were pretty worn out.”

A new artwork celebrates this occasion – see below for a video showing the process of making it.

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