Matthew Willis’ Publications


Fairey Barracuda, MMP Books 2016, illustrated by JP Vieira – ISBN-13: 978-8365281241

Sopwith Pup, Guideline Publications 2015, illustrated by Richard J. Caruana

Blackburn Skua and Roc, MMP Books 2006, Illustrated by Kjetil Aakra – ISBN: 978-83-89450-44-9

Junkers Ju 87 Stuka, MMP Books 2008, co-written with Robert Michulec – ISBN: 978-83-89450-49-4

Feature Articles

Here Come The Vixettes: When is a Sea Vixen not a Sea Vixen? – feature on the ingeniously modified DH Sea Venoms masquerading as their larger sibling at the 1962 Royal Tournament, The Aviation Historian, Autumn 2017

The Blackburn Shark – in-depth ‘Database’ historical and technical feature, Aeroplane, October 2017

Dunkirk – in-depth review of the film directed by Christopher Nolan, Aeroplane, September 2017

Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger – Okrety (Polish military aviation title) No1/49 2017

How To Build A Sea Hawk – feature on the detailed construction of the prototype Hawker Sea Hawk using contemporary Hawker photographs, The Aviation Historian, Summer 2017

The Hawker Horsley – in-depth ‘Database’ historical and technical feature, Aeroplane, January 2017

The First and Last Fulmar – feature article about the history of Fairey Fulmar N1854, the first prototype and last survivor, Aeroplane, December 2016

The Fleet Air Arm’s Few – How the Royal Navy provided pilots and aircraft to Fighter Command, Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Special, Aeroplane, September 2015

From Swordfish to Firefly – Part 2 of a two-part biography of test pilot Duncan Menzies, The Aviation Historian No.12, July 2015

From Farmer to Test Pilot – Part 1 of a two-part biography of test pilot Duncan Menzies, The Aviation Historian No.11, April 2015

‘A Very Audible Remark’ (Account of a test pilot’s forced landing in a snowstorm in 1935), The Aviation Historian No.6, January 2014

Sea Hawk Swansong (Fleet Requirements Unit Sea Hawks), Model Aircraft, February 2012

Plumbing the Depths (Blackburn Skua recovered from fjord), Model Aircraft, December 2011

Lawrence of Aviators (TE Lawrence’s aviation connections), Model Aircraft, December 2011

The Donkey’s Tail (Royal Aircraft Factory BE12 service), Model Aircraft, August 2011

Hawker’s Fastest Fury (Hawker Fury prototypes), Model Aircraft, July 2011

The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Boomerang – Scale Aircraft Modelling, June 2009

The Blackburn Roc: ‘Bloody Useless’ – Aeroplane, November 2007
Fairey Barracuda – Aeroplane, May 2009

Trials and Tribulations (Readying the Fairey Barracuda for Service) – Aeroplane, May 2009

The Bag of Spare Parts (anatomy of the Fairey Barracuda) – Aeroplane, May 2009

From Arctic to Tropics (The service history of the Fairey Barracuda) – Aeroplane, May 2009

The Blackburn Skua and Roc – Aeroplane, November 2007

The Skua Goes to War – Aeroplane, November 2007

Anatomy of a Seabird (Blackburn Skua and Roc) – Aeroplane, November 2007

Into the Fjord of Death – Aeroplane, August 2007 – co-written with Simon Partridge