Forgotten naval prototype aircraft

Matthew Willis is currently writing a series of blogposts for the Global Maritime History site about the weird, wonderful, and not-so-wonderful aircraft that were designed and tested for naval service but never went into service. Initially the series focusses on the machines that appeared at the end of WW1 and took the Royal Navy into the austere interwar era.

The full series includes the boxy Blackburn Blackburd (not a typo, it was actually called that) torpedo bomber and the Hawker Hedgehog reconnaissance machine, and unsuccessful versions of the successful Blackburn Ripon and Fairey Flycatcher aircraft.

Fairey Flycatcher II fighter

Fairey Flycatcher II fighter

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3 responses to “Forgotten naval prototype aircraft

  1. My father flew a Fairey Flycatcherbin 1931 from HMS Furious. I have a plaque of his for Flight 405 which shows an insect of some sort. I’m wondering if you are able to help me identify the insect?

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