Blackburn Skua book reprinted

One of my non-fiction books, a history of a WW2 naval dive bomber known as the Blackburn Skua, has just been reprinted by MMP Books.

For more information on the book, to see a preview and to buy a copy, visit the MMP Books website

‘The Blackburn Skua was the Fleet Air Arm’s first monoplane and its first dedicated dive bomber. Its derivative the Roc was the only turret fighter to see action with the Royal Navy. This book charts the development and service history of the two aircraft, through the difficult specification process, reaching squadron service on the eve of war, the baptism of fire in the Norwegian campaign of 1940 and eventual second-line use. It is illustrated with period photographs, many of which have rarely been seen before, and colour images of the surviving fragments of Skuas in museums. It features superb colour artwork illustrating a large number of the colour schemes the aircraft wore during their short history, and detail diagrams from official manuals as well as scale plans. It is an essential reference for naval aviation enthusiasts and scale modellers. The book includes many first-hand accounts from the men who flew in and maintained the Skua and Roc, describing never-before heard experiences of the aircraft in action.

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