2012 Clacton Air Show

To accompany yesterday’s post on a brief history of seaside air shows, the following images were all taken at the first day of this year’s Clacton Air Show – one of the first to emulate Southend, and this year celebrating its 21st anniversary.

The two-ship ‘Trig’ Pitts Special display team made a rousing start to the show following a brief appearance from the Essex Air Ambulance earlier in the afternoon

The Trig team’s Pitts biplanes sparkling in the Essex sunshine

More information on the Trig Aerobatic Team

The ever-popular Breitling Wing Walking team brought only a single Stearman to Clacton in 2012, but the display was no less impressive for that

The large, brightly coloured Stearman and wingwalker Freya Paterson were perfectly suited to the Clacton display line

More information on the Breitling Wing Walking display team

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight are stalwarts of seaside air shows. The Flight brought two Spitfires, MkIX MK356 and this MkXIX PS915 to Clacton on Thursday 23 August

More information on the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

The RAF solo Hawk display didn’t disappoint, the bright sunshine and white clouds proving a good backdrop to the patriotic 2012 colours

RAF Hawk Display team website

Last but never least, the mighty Vulcan XH558 performed for the first time at Clacton in 2012

The Vulcan positioning between display manoeuvres over the Gunfleet Sands windfarm, a distinctive sight unique to Clacton

Pilot Phil O’Dell treated Clacton air show specatators to not one, but two over-the-vertical wingovers

More information on Vulcan XH558 including how to donate to keep this amazing aircraft in the sky where she belongs

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