Second Malta novella ‘Bastion’ published

The second of three novellas from Sharpe publishing, set during the Malta convoys in the summer of 1942, has been published. ‘Bastion’ sees the main character, Sea Hurricane pilot Edmund Clydesdale, borrowed by the naval squadron on Malta for a special mission…

‘Vivid and exciting. This author knows his stuff.’ Richard Woodman, author of Malta Convoys

Summer, 1942.

Royal Navy fighter pilot Edmund Clydesdale is exhausted, war weary and stuck on Malta at the height of the siege.

Each day could be Clydesdale’s last, as he helps defend the seemingly doomed island against wave upon wave of German attacks.

But as well as the enemy, Edmund must survive Sub Lieutenant Godden, a daredevil fellow pilot determined to hit back at the enemy any way he can.

And when he meets Liena, a fiery Maltese woman working as an air-raid warden in the bomb-ravaged cities, he begins to find something to live and fight for.

But the siege continues and Clydesdale odds of surviving the war are lengthened, when he is ordered on a special mission to fly into enemy territory.

The fate of the island – and the pilot’s life – will hang in the balance.

Recommended for fans of Robert Ryan, James Holland and Patrick Bishop.

‘Bastion’ is available from Amazon as an eBook – click here to see a sample and purchase

The first book, ‘Harpoon’ can be found here

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