Christmas competition for books and calendars

To win a choice of signed books (either The Blackburn Skua and Roc monograph or A Seeming Glass collection of short stories) and 2015 aviation calendars, just follow me on Twitter (, find one of the COMPETITION tweets and retweet it to your followers.

First name out of the hat on Sunday 14 December will win their choice of the two books. The second and third names out of the hat will win a calendar each.

The calendars are an exclusive, short-run collection of airshow photographs taken during the 2014 season, and include images of the Avro Vulcan XH558, Hawker Hurricane and Westland Sea King


The books are The Blackburn Skua and Roc, my reprinted 2007 title on the Royal Navy’s first monoplane fighter and dive bomber, and A Seeming Glass, the collection of short stories I co-edited with JA Ironside



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